Long-term Disability Lawyers

Long-term Disability Lawyers

If you have recently filed for a disability claim and been denied and if you are concerned about filing an appeal or filing a lawsuit, it is important for you to identify an experienced long term disability attorney who can help you.

While you may not need a lawyer to assist you with appealing a denial of benefits or applying for disability benefits, it is critical that you become aware of your legal rights and responsibilities. If you are struggling with a long-term disability claim, you may need assistance from a knowledgeable lawyer to navigate the process successfully. The stakes are much higher when your claim has already been denied.

You may have been counting on the disability benefits in order to peace your life back together and to focus on the recovery that you so desperately need. The best opportunity to consult a disability lawyer is before you actually leave your employment situation to go off on disability. The transition from being a regular employee to going on a leave of absence can be a difficult situation and your exit strategy should be planned to protect your rights as effectively as possible. Anytime that you have concerns about the claim process, you should be able to ask these of your experienced disability lawyer. A lawyer can assist you with navigating the CPP Administration or insurance company process.

Why You Need A Long-Term Disability Lawyer

A good lawyer can identify the necessary steps you need to take in order to encourage the CPP program or the insurance company to reverse their decision. Many people may start out the long-term disability process by submitting their own application, but upon being denied may reach out to a knowledgeable attorney. Missing deadlines or small mistakes made early on in the process could compromise the integrity of your claim. If you have recently been diagnosed with a disability and cannot work because of it, you may be able to apply for and receive a long-term disability insurance funds to support you. You need to file a disability claim in order to start this process.

Bear in mind that the insurance companies handle many disability applications each day. The individuals who review them are looking for any opportunity to deny them. Most people give up after their first claim has been denied, but this does not necessarily mean you will be unable to recover benefits. You may simply need an attorney to help you navigate the remaining parts of the process. Putting together a strong claim for disability benefits can allow you to get the medical treatment you need and to begin to put your life back together.

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