Notarizations & Commissioning

Notary and Commissioning Services

An individual may need to contact a notary or commissioning services attorney for a variety of different needs. Identifying an attorney who has experience in this field can allow you to access a notary quickly for all of your business real estate needs. Read on to learn more about some of the most common events prompting a visit with a notary and commissioning services attorney.

Statutory Declarations

Particular Canadian statutes require the execution declarations as evidence that individuals attest to particular facts. A notary public or commissioner of oaths may be responsible for authorizing such an execution of these declarations. The person making the declaration needs to be physically present and the notary public or the commissioner witnesses this declaration.

Swearing of Affidavit

An individual may be responsible for swearing an affidavit for numerous reasons. These often play a big role in litigation but could also be required in other circumstances. A notary public or commissioner of oaths may need to be present to administer or commission an affidavit.

Letters of Invitation

When particular foreign nationals visit Canada, they will need a visa from the Canadian government. The letter of invitation may be part of the required application process.

Travel Consent Authorization

Children under the age of maturity who are traveling without both of their parents may be required to carry a travel consent authorization. Failing to provide a child with a properly completed travel consent authorization may result in officials refusing to permit the child to travel.

Authentication of Document Copies

You may need to submit documents for purposes that require you to show notarized or authenticated copies rather than originals. Consulting with an experienced notary or commissioner can assist with this process.

Identifying a law firm with years of experience in this field is strongly recommended anytime that you need someone who is knowledgeable about how notary services work.

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