5 Things That Real Estate Lawyers in Ontario Can Do For You

5 Things That Real Estate Lawyers in Ontario Can Do For You | Diamond & Diamond Real Estate Lawyers

5 Things That Real Estate Lawyers in Ontario Can Do For You

This is What Real Estate Lawyers in Ontario Can Do for You

If you are looking for someone who will help you choose a land to purchase or a buyer for your land or building, then you definitely need to start looking at lawyers in Ontario.

A lawyer who focuses on real estate business is just the one you need to help you in dealing with land law and will explain to you all that there is to know about real estate business.

But if you are still hesitant about getting a lawyer for you, then you should know these 5 things that lawyers in real estate can do for you.

Review Agreements and Purchases

Real estate lawyers in Ontario are tasked to read and review the agreements and purchases where you will be affixing your signatures.

They have studied property law and are trained to look for any possible discrepancies. They will also note any schedules or appearances that you will be making to make sure that everything is recalled.

Formulates the Real Estate Contract

Drafting and making the real estate contract is what real estate lawyers in Ontario do most of the time. The contract contains everything there is to know about the negotiations. It widens and explains the deal between the parties.

Moreover, the real estate attorney will review and define the possible problems that may be encountered and its consequences.

Review and Inspection of the Property

Due diligence is when the potential buyer can have a closer look at the property. This includes reviewing the papers and making sure that it is owned by the seller.

As the buyer, your real estate attorney will be checking certain papers and documents such as the title, mortgage, tax liens, leases, and easements, and the like.

During the inspection, the title is very important since it determines the owner of the land. Often, the client asks for title insurance where an insurance company ensures the buyer that there are no possibilities of 3rd parties claiming the property.

Your real estate lawyer will review the title and look for any possible concerns before selling it to the buyer.

Assists in the Document Drafting

Property law is strictly and seriously followed by lawyers in real estate. Drafting takes place after the inspection of the property and when both of the parties, buyer and seller, have agreed on the terms and conditions.

The lawyers will draft the documents and make necessary revisions whenever they ask to by both parties.

Represents You in Financing

Real estate lawyers in Ontario can also represent you if, in case, you are thinking of doing mortgage financing.

This kind of financing means you will be approaching a lending company or a bank which will cover 70%-80% of the purchase price. The buyer will agree to pay back the loan for 10-30 years having the real estate as the collateral.

Your lawyer will take care of two closings – the mortgage closing and the title closing.

The mortgage closing is when you, as the client, are qualified and approved to take the loan. The title closing, on the other hand, is when the title and other supporting documents are given to the buyer, and the money is given to the vendor.

As an addition to the 5 works of the lawyers in real estate is the closing. This includes the lawyers from both parties who will agree on the date, time, and place of where they will be closing the transaction. Both parties will be appearing to discuss the final details of the papers.

This time, you might be asking about real estate attorney fees, and how much you will be paying one. You should know that a typical real estate lawyer fees may vary.

Some may charge by the hour while some have a fixed rate. Diamond and Diamond provides an instant quote calculator here.

Real estate lawyers in Ontario help transact in which is arguably the biggest investment you may ever make, making it (in most cases) simple and hassle-free. So if you are thinking of selling or buying a property, be sure to seek the help and expertise of real estate lawyers in Ontario.

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