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How to Find the Best Real Estate Law Firm | Diamond & Diamond Real Estate Lawyers

How to Find the Best Real Estate Law Firm

Tips on Finding the Best Real Estate Law Firm

When you are planning to purchase a house or a commercial building, the first step is to consult a professional and find the best real estate law firm for your needs.

This is to educate you with all the legal procedures, including your rights and limitations. Hiring a real estate lawyer can give you proper legal counselling regarding your purchase of land and building.

Most realty attorneys offer services that can help you secure your rights and assist you in processing legal documents. Here are some important reminders and tips to help you find the best real estate lawyer:

Starting early is key

Once you have completely decided to buy a house or a lot, start hunting for the best real estate lawyer as well. The more time you have in hand, the more you can prepare for the unexpected.

This will also let you scout several lawyers to choose from in your town. The thing we want to avoid here is choosing a lawyer at the last minute with minimal to zero background research.

Seek advice from other people

The most convenient way to find the best real estate lawyer is through family, friends, or people you know who have recently purchased a house. Ask recommendations from them and, if possible, inquire for cost and procedural matters.

If you have a real estate agent, ask him to refer you to a reputable lawyer. As long as the realty lawyer is independent or in no relation with the agent, then it is a good suggestion.

Do not hesitate to ask them for fees charged by the attorney. You can also ask your acquaintances how well the lawyer navigated them through the entire process of the house purchase.

Search for field expertise

What we are looking for here is a professional who is an expert in the field. If you are purchasing a house, you should find residential or local property lawyers. If you are looking for commercial buildings, seek for a lawyer that handles business land properties.

You may also check online for a list of bar associations to find the the best real estate lawyer for you.

One example is the American Bar Association where you can filter and narrow down your choices into “real estate” to find the top real estate attorneys based on your location.

Do an intense background research

List a few names of lawyers that you believe are good choices. Check their websites and research their past works.

Find out more about their credentials, business styles, field of expertise, office locations, and contact numbers. Hiring a real estate lawyer may require you to pay several visits in their office, so proximity must also be considered.

Prepare for interview

You may conduct an interview with your potential lawyer through phone call or in person. Some lawyers ask for charges for the interview. Ask them about their work experience and how many closing they usually make in a year and their real estate lawyer closing costs.

Do an in-depth interview by asking if they sense a potential conflict of interest in the present deal. You should check if your lawyer is associated with the home builder you are planning to buy a house from.

Do not hesitate to ask for commercial real estate attorney fees. Do they charge by the number of hours or by days?

Some lawyers have fixed fees, while others have a different deal. Look for an attorney that will not burn your pocket.

Read articles about the lawyer

Take some time to read your lawyer’s articles, either written by the lawyer or by other people. Do you think they’re on your good side?

Check for advertisements published online or in print. Do these brochures and promotional ads reflect their work or their business style? If possible, check for real estate lawyer reviews of people who have already worked with the lawyer.

Seal the deal through writing

Once you have decided which lawyer you want to hire, read their retainer agreement or engagement letter. This contains all the services this lawyer and their firm offer. Make sure you understand them completely.

Choosing the best real estate lawyer is just as important as finding the perfect location or design of your house.

Keep in mind that you are going to work with them, so it’s important that you have a good rapport. To find a real estate attorney takes a lot of time, but it saves you from unexpected trouble in the long run.

5 Ways to Seek Advice From Toronto Law Firms in GTA | Diamond & Diamond Real Estate Lawyers

5 Ways to Seek Advice From Toronto Law Firms in GTA

Best Ways to Seek Advice From Toronto Law Firms

Buying a house is not always a straight forward process. Often, it is actually very complicated. If you are not well versed in the real estate world, you need to look into Toronto law firms in the GTA that specialize in real estate.

A real estate attorney will help you sort out your documents, file applications, and negotiate with other people.

You need to have a professional by your side in just about any real estate transaction. Buying a house is not like buying snacks at the market—the procedures are long and crucial.

Having Toronto law firms to guide you will help secure your rights and help make the transaction as smooth as possible. A lawyer will also advise you with beneficial consequences.

There are many ways to seek advice from Toronto law firms in GTA. As a buyer, a professional and legal assistance on your end is beneficial.

Here are five ways to seek legal counselling from a real estate attorney:

  1. Seek advice from a lawyer when you buy a house

When you buy a house through the traditional sales process, you enter a contract with the seller. It is wise for both parties engaged in a contract to have a professional represent them.

You can look for Toronto law firms that specialize in real estate in many places (including Diamond and Diamond). Unlike commercial transfers, buying a house is quite simple. However, this should not be put in the backseat because problems may arise anytime.

Toronto law firms in the GTA can help you understand the purchase settlement, identify faults and defects, and review contracts and liens against the properties.

Your attorney’s office will be in charge of preparing your documents. They will check all paperworks and explain to you all the taxes involved. They are also in charge of insurances and deed of sale.

  1. Ask for consultation if buying foreclosed properties

Real estate agents are quite knowledgeable in this field, but nothing beats having a real estate lawyer on your side. 

The language written in the contract of the house you are purchasing should be clear and specific. Any incorrect verbiage may ruin the deal. If you are planning to buy a foreclosed property, we recommend hiring a real estate lawyer from the many Toronto law firms in the GTA.

  1. Request for an appointment when you want to buy a short sale

Most homebuyers who are trying to purchase through a short sale may need to have a real estate attorney hired by the bank. It is highly recommended to have Toronto law firms in GTA on your back when you buy a house.

Short sales can be very slow. Hence, the need for a lawyer will improve the progress of your track. Your lawyer can act as your intermediary.

A good lawyer will help you find faults and loopholes before you get in trouble. They will advise you when to walk away or when to push through. These are more common in the U.S., but do happen from time to time in Canada.

  1. Solicit for a one-on-one talk when you want to sell your house

Many people want to sell their houses on their own rather than having a real estate agent. Their reason is they gain more profit because they have no one else to pay for.

However, one should still hire a lawyer to help in the process. Such process includes real estate law help on the legal aspects of selling houses and help in writing the agreement.

A real estate closing lawyer can hold and receive the trust account from the buyer. They can also arrange transfer of title and release of mortgage papers. They are also authorized to receive payment from the buyer and entitled for transfer of keys.

  1. Inquire when you want to buy commercial real estate transfers

Transactions regarding commercial properties are far more complex than selling and buying houses. Hence, the buyer and the seller are required to have their own lawyers to help in the negotiation.

Commercial real estate lawyer fees can be quite higher than residential ones. These lawyers can help you assess the present and future use of the property, address your concerns, and understand zoning specification.

Real estate transactions are not always as fast and smooth as many hope. There are unforeseen events that need to be addressed along the way. Having a real estate lawyer to guide you can help reduce any upcoming troubles.

If you are planning to engage in real estate transactions, seek advice from the professional. Contact Diamond and Diamond today at 1-888-INFO-LAW or use our free quote calculator here.

Downtown Toronto Lawyers: 5 Tips on Finding the Best for Real Estate | Diamond & Diamond Real Estate Lawyers

Downtown Toronto Lawyers: 5 Tips on Finding the Best for Real Estate

How to Find the Best Downtown Toronto Lawyers for Real Estate

Finding reliable downtown Toronto lawyers for real estate won’t be difficult by following these 5 easy steps.

You might be in need of Toronto lawyers for a business transaction or a case, but worry no more! Finding a real estate lawyer to cater your needs will be a breeze! Get the best legal help that you can get.

1. Make an Early Preparation

Taking the extra time to start early will net you better results than a rushed job. That is the case for most things, and finding reliable downtown Toronto lawyers for real estate won’t be any different, unless you are unlucky.

With high-stake assets like real estate, you would want to rely less on luck and more on effort and proper planning since luck can go either way.

An early start will allow you more freedom to see what your possible options are and to see which of these choices are the best for your current situation. If you’re looking for a quote, use the instant quote calculator provided by Diamond and Diamond here.

2. Get Advice From Others

Ask around how to find Toronto lawyers. Some of your acquaintances might have had the same experience previously and needed to hire a real estate lawyer in downtown Toronto.

You can ask them to point you to their lawyer, if they can vouch for him or advice on what should you do in your case to be better prepared.

One can’t know everything, so seeking free advice is always good. It’s up to you how to screen which advice will work for you and what won’t.

3. Look for a Lawyer With Experience in the Same Case

Getting Toronto lawyers who are known for winning similar cases such as yours is a great benefit. If you are only there to ask for assistance for a transaction, then all the better. Find a lawyer that had assisted in similar transactions as yours.

This way, you will avoid problems that might arise in the future. There are a lot of Toronto lawyers with different specialties, so make sure to choose the right one for the job. Looking for more information, contact Diamond and Diamond today via the free instant quote calculator or at 1-888-INFO-LAW.

Downtown Toronto real estate lawyers comes in different specialties. You might want a real estate settlement attorney or some other sort. Be sure to do your homework, and identify the type of attorney you need.

4. Research and Interview Candidates

Knowing your lawyer and building a rapport is a good way for a smoother relationship. You don’t just build rapport with the lawyer; try to get to know his or her staff as well.

In many cases, they are the ones who handle a large portion of the paperwork (depending on the complexity). Try to make sure that you are comfortable with them as well.

5. Know the Billing scheme

Different Toronto lawyers have different billing schemes, and you should always be open with this subject. Ask for estimates, do consultations, and find one that you are most comfortable with.

If you can explain the manner of your case, it usually comes down to a flat rate for simple cases. Those that require meeting with other parties, or spending time in court will usually get billed by the hour, for obvious reasons.

You want to spend time researching your type of case or business transaction so that you can explain it well. This way, Toronto lawyers will have a good idea what he needs to do, and him or her can name the price.

Nevertheless, when you are dealing real estate, then you would want to be as meticulous as possible.

Getting into a lawsuit in the future is not healthy for both your wallet and your mental health, in addition to all the time that you will spend taking care of it. You could have avoided the situation by hiring a qualified estate lawyer, such as Diamond and Diamond, beforehand.

Finding the best out of the multitude of law practitioners in the market requires time and dedication. Contact our team of real estate lawyers here or at 1-888-INFO-LAW today!

Real Estate Lawyer Near Me: 10 Tips on Finding the Best Attorney | Diamond & Diamond Real Estate Lawyers

Real Estate Lawyer Near Me: 10 Tips on Finding the Best Attorney

Asking “where is there a real estate lawyer near me?” We got you covered.

It’s a good thing to seek out a real estate lawyer when entering into a real estate transaction. Here are a few helpful tips to get the best out of the multitude of services offered inside of the real estate industry, and to answer you question of “where is there a real estate lawyer near me?”

1. Preparation Is the Key

Prepare in advance. There are a lot of things needed for a successful real estate deal, and you don’t want to be left behind. You will want to know more about the requirements and make sure that they are processed smoothly without incident.

You have to prepare before a ‘real estate lawyer near me’.

2. Know What you Are Dealing With

There are many transactions and cases involving real estate lawyers. You should do your homework and identify what services you need. A real estate tax attorney deals with adherence with tax laws and such to make sure that the property is clean from dues.

Litigation lawyer deals with protecting your rights through court hearings. You want this if the other party is breaking the condominium law.

3. Seek Advice From Those you Know

You might know someone who had a recent real estate transaction. Seek their advice, or ask around for those who knew someone you can ask. You have to know how to find a real estate lawyer.

Know as many details to make your transaction move efficiently. You also need to know what and how you should look up your case for a ‘real estate lawyer near me’.

4. Seek Referrals From Known Organizations

There are a lot of organizations and companies that deal with real estate lawyers. Seek out their referrals to broaden your list of prospects. Try to know more about the referred person.

You would want someone referred to you because they got the skills, not because they are a close friend. This is a must if you are finding a ‘real estate lawyer near me’.

5. Research Data About Prospects

You want to do your reading on whom you are referred to in the wide selection of real estate lawyers.

Had they got the same type of cases that you are currently dealing with? Do they have a good track record? Are they actively in practice?

There are many questions that you can ask before proceeding to the next step.

6. Follow Up With an Interview

After careful research, ask the prospective real estate lawyer about some concerns. Try to do an interview via phone or email, and see what you can get from your candidates.

They might look good on paper, but you might just trust your instincts a bit more.

7. Be Open About Fees

Most people skimp on real estate lawyers because they cost a lot of money. Many had suffered more damages afterward, for reasons they could have prevented by seeking legal counsel.

Don’t be afraid to invest in quality service. You can always get a good deal. Try following steps to lessen real estate lawyer fees. It’s an investment that can save you from a lot of trouble in the future, and it’s worth every cent.

Knowing real estate lawyer costs closing is expensive, and you don’t want to be charged more if something went wrong in the future.

8. Seek Consultation

Having trust issues is normal, so why don’t you try seek out an initial consultation? Some institutions provide such service, and you might as well avail it.

9. Avoid Lawsuits

If you are making a real estate deal, make sure that you had done the proper steps in closing. You don’t want to make a deal where you just want to get away from cases going to be filed for you.

Real estate attorneys won’t like that at all. You can probably expect that the other party also hired legal counsel. In most cases, you will get caught.

10. Make Your Decision

After careful planning and preparation, you can make your decision on who to choose. Try to get a well-experienced attorney with a good track record.

Get the one you have a good rapport with to make things go smoothly. You need real estate lawyer before you are caught in real estate legal problems.


Transacting with real estate is a complicated procedure, and there are a lot of things that you can miss. Some things might cost you a lot of unwanted expense and aggravation.

That is the role of real estate lawyer near me. They will make sure that you get a smooth transaction without any future ordeals.

Looking for a real estate lawyer? Use our free instant quote calculator or call us at 1-888-INFO-LAW for an initial consultation.

5 Things That Real Estate Lawyers in Ontario Can Do For You | Diamond & Diamond Real Estate Lawyers

5 Things That Real Estate Lawyers in Ontario Can Do For You

This is What Real Estate Lawyers in Ontario Can Do for You

If you are looking for someone who will help you choose a land to purchase or a buyer for your land or building, then you definitely need to start looking at lawyers in Ontario.

A lawyer who focuses on real estate business is just the one you need to help you in dealing with land law and will explain to you all that there is to know about real estate business.

But if you are still hesitant about getting a lawyer for you, then you should know these 5 things that lawyers in real estate can do for you.

Review Agreements and Purchases

Real estate lawyers in Ontario are tasked to read and review the agreements and purchases where you will be affixing your signatures.

They have studied property law and are trained to look for any possible discrepancies. They will also note any schedules or appearances that you will be making to make sure that everything is recalled.

Formulates the Real Estate Contract

Drafting and making the real estate contract is what real estate lawyers in Ontario do most of the time. The contract contains everything there is to know about the negotiations. It widens and explains the deal between the parties.

Moreover, the real estate attorney will review and define the possible problems that may be encountered and its consequences.

Review and Inspection of the Property

Due diligence is when the potential buyer can have a closer look at the property. This includes reviewing the papers and making sure that it is owned by the seller.

As the buyer, your real estate attorney will be checking certain papers and documents such as the title, mortgage, tax liens, leases, and easements, and the like.

During the inspection, the title is very important since it determines the owner of the land. Often, the client asks for title insurance where an insurance company ensures the buyer that there are no possibilities of 3rd parties claiming the property.

Your real estate lawyer will review the title and look for any possible concerns before selling it to the buyer.

Assists in the Document Drafting

Property law is strictly and seriously followed by lawyers in real estate. Drafting takes place after the inspection of the property and when both of the parties, buyer and seller, have agreed on the terms and conditions.

The lawyers will draft the documents and make necessary revisions whenever they ask to by both parties.

Represents You in Financing

Real estate lawyers in Ontario can also represent you if, in case, you are thinking of doing mortgage financing.

This kind of financing means you will be approaching a lending company or a bank which will cover 70%-80% of the purchase price. The buyer will agree to pay back the loan for 10-30 years having the real estate as the collateral.

Your lawyer will take care of two closings – the mortgage closing and the title closing.

The mortgage closing is when you, as the client, are qualified and approved to take the loan. The title closing, on the other hand, is when the title and other supporting documents are given to the buyer, and the money is given to the vendor.

As an addition to the 5 works of the lawyers in real estate is the closing. This includes the lawyers from both parties who will agree on the date, time, and place of where they will be closing the transaction. Both parties will be appearing to discuss the final details of the papers.

This time, you might be asking about real estate attorney fees, and how much you will be paying one. You should know that a typical real estate lawyer fees may vary.

Some may charge by the hour while some have a fixed rate. Diamond and Diamond provides an instant quote calculator here.

Real estate lawyers in Ontario help transact in which is arguably the biggest investment you may ever make, making it (in most cases) simple and hassle-free. So if you are thinking of selling or buying a property, be sure to seek the help and expertise of real estate lawyers in Ontario.