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Kitchener Real Estate - Tips for Hiring the Best Attorney | Diamond & Diamond Real Estate Lawyers

Kitchener Real Estate – Tips on Hiring the Best Attorney

Why You Should  Hire a Kitchener Real Estate Attorney

Follow these tips to get the best Kitchener real estate lawyer!

Transactions in real estate are complicated, even if it’s as simple as a sale of a townhouse of small property.

They’re complicated because things that you miss can escalate into really big and expensive trouble later on. That is why it’s advisable to consult and hire property lawyers to help with your real estate transaction.

You might think that a broker or an agent would do. They might, but you should be sure.

You can read tips on how to save on real estate lawyer fees if you want to make your bills as small as possible. Real estate lawyers cost money, but they will save you from a lot of trouble that you might find in the future. 

Steps to Finding the Best Kitchener Real Estate Attorney

Make a Timeline for Your Preparation

Prepare as early as possible. Real estate is an asset that costs a lot of money, so preparation in these cases should be meticulous. Having excess time is better and also less expensive than having no time to prepare.

You want your transaction to go as smoothly as possible. Kitchener Real estate attorneys have a lot of steps that need to be taken care of in terms of transactions, and you want them to be taken care of smoothly.

Be Prepared With Everything That You Need

Your Kitchener real estate lawyer will want to know details regarding your transaction. You want to be able to explain it so that the attorney can understand.

You will find the fees to be smaller if you can explain your legal problems sufficiently to your lawyers as they also would need to spend less time going through everything. 

You should know what you need, whether it’s a mortgage lawyer or a real estate dispute lawyer.  They’re very different depending on the services you need.

Seek Advice From Those With Similar Transactions

Of course, you want to be prepared, and you can’t know everything there is. You have to know what you are looking for, and where you can get it. You want to get a Kitchener real estate lawyer that specializes in your transaction.

So, asking for the personal insights of people who have had similar real estate transactions is the first step of your research. Seeking advice from those who have dealt with real estate will probably make you think “I need a real estate attorney,” to avoid getting complications later on. 

Seek Referrals From Known Institutions

You can always visit the Bar Association to see which lawyers specialize in what. You can also ask other lawyers, but be careful. You want an honest, efficient lawyer, not someone who’s just a nice person.

Look for a Kitchener real estate lawyer that has experience, especially one that has done cases similar to yours.

Research Information About Potential Candidates

Trusting word of mouth is great and all, but looking at published articles are more trustworthy. Once you have potential candidates, try to look them up.

Read their articles online, in the news, in yellow pages. Seek reviews. You want the best, so look them up to see if they are fit to give you the best service.

Once you have finished with your research, try to have them for an interview via email, or if you can, in person. Try to get to know their staff as well. In most cases, the staff members will do most of the legwork for your transactions.

Talk About Fees Up Front

If you have done your research, then your Kitchener real estate lawyer will probably give you a decent estimate of what you need to pay. You can give them a specific budget as well. Make sure that there is a way for you to communicate with them in case they need you.

Getting a good deal in real estate sometimes means there will be no problems that will haunt you in the future. This is the reason why people opt to hire real estate lawyers.

Lawyers would rather help you prevent an incident with legal matters regarding your real estate deals, instead of getting you out of hot water. It can be done, but it will cost you a lot more.

Victory in such cases is not that worth it due to the amount of money, time, and stress that comes with it.

Don’t fret about real estate lawyer fees. They are a good investment to keep your peace of mind. Hire a Kitchener real estate lawyer to help you out with legal matters in your real estate transactions!

How to Get the Best Mississauga Real Estate Lawyer | Diamond & Diamond Real Estate Lawyers

How to Get the Best Mississauga Real Estate Lawyer

Why Should I Hire a Mississauga Real Estate Lawyer?

Getting a good Mississauga real estate lawyer is easy if you use these simple tips! 

You might think that getting a real estate lawyer is just an unnecessary expense. However, you will be spending a lot more if things go down with your real estate transaction.

It’s something that you could have prevented given the right preparation and help from a good real estate lawyer.

If you are already in a legal complication regarding your real estate deal, then you would not be asking this question. At that time, you should be prepared to pay a lot more.

Victory won’t be sweet, as such cases ask a lot more than what its worth. You won’t be only spending money but you will also spend time, effort, and a lot of stress.

Agents can help you a lot with sealing real estate deals, but when it comes to legal matters, they might be lacking in a lot of ways. They are not trained to deal with them, and they can probably care less. It’s not their problem when it occurs.

To prevent you from getting into a dire ordeal, you can follow these steps in hiring a Mississauga real estate lawyer.

You want to prevent concerns, and a real estate lawyer consultation fee will look like chump change compared to what you’ll pay when you get in a bad deal.

Tips on Hiring a Mississauga Real Estate Lawyer

  • Prepare Ahead of Time Preparing ahead of time gives you ample opportunity to see what might go wrong. Thus, you can deal with it before finding an attorney. Giving little time in preparation for a real estate deal is a no-go, given that it requires a lot of money to process to completion.
  • Know What You Are Dealing With – You need to be able to explain your circumstances well to your lawyer. This way, they know how best to help you. You might even be able to get a flat rate for your transaction. If you are the sort who worries about real estate lawyer fees, then you should never skip this step. Even if you aren’t, you should still be aware of this.
  • Seek Advice From Your Peers – You probably aren’t the only one amongst your circle of friends who had a real estate transaction. Ask about how they were able to deal with it. It’s best if their circumstances are similar to yours. If you can, seek their referrals regarding known Mississauga real estate lawyers that they used.
  • Ask Around for Known Institutions – You can pay a visit to the Bar Association to see which lawyers specialized with what. People would usually want someone who did well with the bar exams too. Reputation is bread and butter to lawyers. People want a reputable lawyer for their peace of mind.
  • Do Your Research – Referrals are good and all, but you are entrusting a great deal when you are dealing with real estate transactions. So, you want someone who not only gets referred to you but also has a great deal to show themselves. You can either look for an online lawyer, research their articles, or check the news. You might see them in a different light.
  • Interview the Potential Candidate– You want to get a Mississauga real estate lawyer that you have a decent rapport with. Try to communicate via email or by the phone. If you can, try to do so in person.
  • Communicate About Fees – You can get an estimate regarding your transaction. This would be easier if you did your research about your case as well as asked advice from other people. You might even get a flat rate if your case is easy enough.

Following these tips will surely get you a great Mississauga real estate lawyer.

If you are still worried regarding the need for a lawyer, try having a real estate lawyer free consultation.

Many institutions offer this, and it will serve to help you keep your peace of mind. It is strongly recommended that you hire a Mississauga real estate lawyer to assist you with real estate transactions.

How to Find the Best Real Estate Lawyer in Etobicoke | Diamond & Diamond Real Estate Lawyers

How to Find the Best Real Estate Lawyer in Etobicoke

Why It’s Important to Find a Good Real Estate Lawyer

Finding a good real estate lawyer in Etobicoke, Ontario is essential to assuring a smooth real estate transaction.

People always want to avoid real estate lawsuits as much as possible, but many don’t feel inclined to hire legal help beforehand. This is a mistake. 

You can find a lot of commercial real estate attorneys to suit your needs, but let’s hope it’s not something that has already escalated.

Tips on Getting a Real Estate Lawyer Etobicoke

  • Get a Considerable Time Window – Make your preparation ahead of time when dealing with high stakes assets. You can’t afford to make mistakes that you can’t correct if you don’t have extra time. Real estate transactions have a lot of complicated procedures, but you want it to go as smoothly as possible. You will get the same advice if you ask lawyers that handle real estate.
  • Know Your Case – Know what you are in for. If it’s a simple buy or sell transaction, then you don’t have to worry too much. You just have to know which real estate lawyer in Etobicoke fits your real estate needs. There are those who specialize in certain transactions, and you can save yourself the trouble by knowing what you need and what they can do for you.
  • Always Seek Advice – You might think you already know enough, but things happen differently every time. You might get more insights if you seek advice from those with more experience.
  • Gather Information From Trusted Sources – You might know a few people and get referrals. However, asking around the Bar Association and reputable law firms can help you better regarding your needs.
  • Take Time to Do Your Research – Getting referred to somebody else’s trusted lawyer is good, but you can always do your research. This is better since you can find someone you can be at ease with.
  • Do Interviews with Potential Candidates – A Real estate lawyer in Etobicoke with good reputation on paper might get the job done right, but you would rather work with someone whom you can be at ease with. Getting to know your lawyer has its perks, and they probably want to know you too.
  • Ask About Fees Straight Away – Get estimates, provide your budget. If you can, seek out a flat rate. You can find tips on getting a better real estate lawyer fees in many ways. It depends on your efforts.

Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Lawyer Etobicoke

Don’t make the mistake that you don’t need legal counsel if your real estate transaction seems simple.

That might be the case, and agents and brokers can facilitate it with ease. However, when things go wrong, you won’t usually be able to get amends from brokers and agents.

They already did their job and finalized the deal. Real estate lawyers in Etobicoke will do the subtle but very important task of preventing surprises from catching you unaware. It is highly recommended, especially if you are doing a large scale transaction.

Paying lawyer fees might look like chump change compared to getting caught in a large legal matter you didn’t expect to find yourself in.

Lawyer Reviews are a Good Place to Start

When you do your research, lawyer reviews are a great place to start. You can find the best people by reading their past success, or lack thereof. You have to validate your information, and try to cross reference when you come up with something about your candidate.

Try lawyer lookup to find a real estate lawyer in Etobicoke, and you will surely find what you need.

Taking on real estate transactions, whether it’s selling, buying, transferring, or what not, is best done with legal help.

You don’t want to be regretting that you did not seek legal counsel when you are caught in a bad deal, or when the court sent you an ultimatum that you think you shouldn’t be getting.

Getting a real estate lawyer at that point is a must, and you will be paying a lot more in money, time, and stress. These things could have been avoided had you just hired legal help beforehand.


Real estate lawyers in Etobicoke handle the legal aspects best. You won’t usually get this help from brokers or agents, not until it’s too late.

Get a real estate lawyer and prevent unwanted complications from plaguing your real estate deals in the future!

Diamond & Diamond Widens Brand Awareness Law Firm Rankings Over Competition | Real Estate Lawyers

Diamond & Diamond Widens Law Firm Rankings for Brand Awareness

Personal Injury Powerhouse Gains Eleven Percentage Points in Terms of Law Firm Rankings in Most Recent Survey

Leger, the Research Intelligence Group, polled 500 Greater Toronto Area residents to determine law firm rankings of brand awareness for personal injury firms.

The results showed that, in the space of a year, Diamond and Diamond increased aided awareness of the firm by 11 percentage points. The increase was compared to a survey using the same questioning, released in 2016.

According to the poll, four in five (79%) GTA residents have a degree of awareness of the firm. The second most recognized firm was listed at 44%, thirty-five percentage points behind Diamond and Diamond.

“Our firm has cemented itself as a leader in the personal injury space through tough advocacy and customer service excellence” says lawyer, Jeremy Diamond.

Top Income Earners, those earning $100,000 or more had the highest awareness of the firm at 86%.

In a second survey, individuals were asked to name a personal injury firm without a list of names.

Diamond and Diamond Lawyers gained six-points (compared to 2016) in being top-of-mind among GTA residents and scored 27%. The next most competitive firms registered at 3 and 2% respectively.

What is Title Insurance and Why Should I Buy It? | Diamond & Diamond Real Estate Lawyers

What is Title Insurance and Why Should I Buy it?

What Exactly is Title Insurance?

Most people today, when purchasing a home, are unaware of what title insurance is, why they should buy it, and if they do buy it, who they should purchase it from.

This type of insurance is a product offered by your real estate lawyer on behalf of various title insurance companies that protects your ownership interest on a property you are purchasing from losses that may result from unknow title defects at the time of closing.

Why it’s Important

For example, imagine shortly after you bought your home, you found out that there are two outstanding building permits registered against your property that were issued to the person you bought your home from.

You now discover that the renovation work done by the previous owner had major structural flaws relating to the foundation and/or support beams and requires over $140,000.00 of work to correct and close the building permits.

The title insurance you would have purchased with your lawyer is a cost-effective form of protection which would cover any financial costs associated with remedying those issues.

It’s a one-time fee, purchased usually at closing through your lawyer’s office, and continues to cover your purchase for the duration of the time you own the property up until when you sell.

What is Covered under a Title Insurance Policy?

While it always depends on the particular policy itself, title insurance can provide coverage for losses arising from: fraud or false impersonation; existing liens on title; municipal zoning by-law violations; and encroachments onto the property.

When an individual who has purchased this insurance suffers a financial loss from any of these issues, they are able to submit a claim to their insurance company to seek compensation for their loss.

Common Questions

Question 1: Is Title Insurance required on my transaction?

Answer: While it’s not necessarily required on a transaction, the use of title insurance in residential transactions has become extremely common for most purchasers and is now viewed as the market norm.

For a minimal cost of a few hundred dollars, the buyer is receiving coverage ranging from $25,000.00 and up, depending on the insurance company chosen.

Question 2: Do I need title insurance if I’m, getting a mortgage on the property?

Answer: If you are getting a mortgage, it is important to consider what requirements the lender will have on this loan. Most lending institutions, such as RBC, CIBC, TD and Scotia Bank, require title insurance on a property before they will approve a mortgage.

The growing use of title insurance today has resulted in an elimination of certain search requirements for lawyers. However, allowing for savings on time and money for the purchaser.

Question 3: What is not covered under title insurance?

Answer: Title insurance, like any insurance policy, contains exemptions and restrictions of what will be covered. It is important to have a lawyer review the insurance policy to ensure that any searches that are not covered by the policy will be conducted by the lawyer.

Also, it is important for a purchaser to discuss with their lawyer any concerns they may have regarding the property that may affect the use of title insurance.

The purchase of your home will likely be the largest and most important investment you make in your life, and having a qualified lawyer explain to you the protection this type of insurance offers can end up saving you thousands.